How to Skip or Bypass Adf.ly - Adfoc and Linkbucks Links

Adf.ly, Adfoc and Linkbucks are the URL shorteners that pays you when people browse your shortened links, they do pay and they are not a scam but the paying ratio is not good  but well all the shortened links are really annoying because when ever you visit any website and you click on their links than you have to wait like 5 sec and than you click on the Skip Ad Button, well but now if you wanna skip them automatically than we have few good ways for this thing.

http://dead.altervista.org/ is another online tool used for skipping or bypassing these shortened annoying links on the web. You just need to navigate to their website and paste the Adf.ly or Adcraft.co link and press Deadfly! boom you will be taken to the original source website.
So these were the two methods that can be used for this job, well I think so the above 1 method is the best one as it just needs one time installation and works simply automated. Well try them out and use the one which you feel confortable with.

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